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Botox Injection Therapy

Botox is used to treat many neurological conditions causing spasticity and pain in selected patients. Botox has effects on the nerves and when given by an experienced neurologist benefits the following conditions. Patient selection after thorough evaluation is necessary. Needs Insurance prior authorization or Cash pay.

  • Botox is FDA approved for the following neurological conditions.
  • Chronic Migraines – Must fulfill criteria
  • Cervical Dystonia – Wry neck – Neck muscle spasm
  • Dystonia – due to many causes
  • Facial twitches( Hemifacial spasms)
  • Hyperhidrosis (Excessive under arm sweating)
  • Spasticity after stroke (Upper arm)
  • Writers Cramp

There are other off label uses for which the physician may recommend Botox therapy if other treatments do not help. eg: excess salivation in in Parkinson's disease, some tremors.

Link to Botox Brochures

Click here for botox patient brochures