East Alabama Neurology



Electroencephalography (EEG) is the study of the brain waves for any abnormalities. This test is usually done to evaluate for seizure activity, spells and any changes in the alertness. Sometimes , this is used to evaluate dementia also.
The technologist attaches recording electrodes to the scalp using a paste and records usually for 20 min. The paste is easily washed off by taking a shower. This test is pain less. It is similar to EKG performed on the heart.
The Physician may some times ask for a sleep deprived EEG. The person should keep awake the night before so that recordings can be obtained while the person sleeps in the lab.
We also perform Video EEG monitoring for 72 hrs to diagnose and / or differentiate epilepsy from non epileptic seizures. The person pushes a button when a spell is suspected or abnormal feelings are felt. Recordings simultaneously from the brain and video are studied to see if there is any brain wave rhythm abnormality during the spell.

Instructions for the test:
1. Shampoo the hair on the day of the test. Do not put oil, gel or any products including sprays or other products.

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