East Alabama Neurology

Tele Consultation


In view of the current emergency Corona virus Pandemic East Alabama Neurology is implementing the following changes to the practice. Safety and well being of everyone, especially our clients and the staff is of paramount importance.


We will be doing only Tele Health visits for our existing patients for follow up care and refills.

Instructions for Tele Health visits:

You can request an appointment between 9 30 AM to 12 noon Mon-Thurs at this secure link


1. You will need a smart phone or laptop, or I pad or any tablet or computer with GOOD internet connection.
2. Please keep ready your co pays and deductibles to be met . These are due at the time of service. We will be taking only credit or debit card payments.
3. Please keep your current medicines ready as our assistant will go over your current medicines with you and update the list
4. If you have the ability, please record your temperature, weight and Blood pressure and let us know to be put in chart
5. Please make a note of the points you would like to discuss with Dr. Chivukula at the time of your virtual visit.
6. We will not be able to order new prescriptions for controlled substances.


We are unable to do Tele Health visits for Neurology as most patients need a thorough Neurological examination for proper evaluation of Neurological complaints. We are making a list of all new referrals.
We will review the CDC and government guidelines from time to time and will be able to serve the new patient referrals as soon as contact restrictions are eased.
Thank you for assisting us in limiting the spread of this Virus

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